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With your first month you get everything you need to start growing. Then, choose how often you need more soil and seeds and have it delivered to your door. Get 10% off a Tiered Hanger when you subscribe.


Each delivery costs £15.99 and contains 24 'grows'. That's enough organic soil and organic seeds to grow 24 large trays of microgreens.


With your first month you get a complete Starter Kit for £19.99, containing everything you need to start from scratch; plenty of beautiful clay planting trays (20cm), grow guides, measuring scoop and seed covers.​


Enjoy organic greens all year round. No minimum sign up duration. Cancel, pause or skip a delivery anytime.

it's so easy...

day 1

seed sprinkle.png

Open your first months, including your Starter Kit. Plant your seeds, then put in a dark cupboard

day 3


Move your microgreens to near a window & water them (doesn't have to be a sunny one)

day 7

full tray.png

Harvest in as little as 7 days. Get fresh soil and seeds sent to your door every 2, 3 or 4 months, making growing easy.  

Delivery every 2 months
Grow 12 trays a month

Delivery every 3 months
Grow 8 trays a month

Delivery every 4 months
Grow 6 trays a month

​​(If you already have a MicroKit and so already have 2 x trays and 1 x scoop, add the code 'MicroKit' when you checkout and receive £5 off, and we won't include a measuring scoop, or as many trays in your starter kit :)

Each delivery will contain your organic soil, always, and different organic seeds and organic seed mixes, all mixtures and varieties carefully chosen and curated to give you maximum seasonal variation and reliability. Your delivery will also come with individual seed information including seed specific growing instructions, and cooking/eating tips!

Get 10% off a Tiered tray hanger when you subscribe. After you enter your payment details, a pop up will appear offering you the discount.

As well as your grow guide, we'll keep you topped up with exclusive recipe ideas, growing tips and more via email and materials included in your deliveries.

Grow for free! If you get someone else growing, you get £5 off your next delivery, and so do they! Simply login below to retrieve your 'refer a friend' link, and make sure they subscribe through your link... and you'll both automatically get the discount taken off your next delivery! :)

Like all our products, the sustainability of our subscriptions is at the heart of their design, find out more information about our sourcing here.

The end life of your subscriptions has already been thought out, check out our guide to find out how we recommend reusing and ultimately recycling your subscriptions here

Members area

Once subscribed, this is where you manage your subscription... Login here to cancel, pause or skip anytime, and to access your refer a friend link for £5 off both your and their next delivery!

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