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Aside from responsible sourcing, we think it's important for us to ensure and enable that the products we make are reused as best as possible so to have the best possible impact on our environment and lives. With that, we've put together this guide that details the different ways the components of our products can be reused and recycled, we hope you find it useful! 

A quick note, we generally subscribe to the rule: reduce > reuse > recycle (where 'x > y' means x is preferable than y). This can be a great quick guide as to the best thing you can do with your 'stuff' for the environment.

Box and other paper products

Use your box to store all your stuff you use to grow your microgreens such as your tin, spare trays, grow guide, seeds etc. Alternatively use it to send something on in the post, or to organise a busy cupboard... Once it's come to the end of its useful life as a box, same as the rest of the paper/cardboard products (guides, seed covers, empty paper bags) we supply, you can either compost it (treat it as a brown component, high in carbon) or recycle it by putting it in your normal household paper/cardboard recycling bins.

Used organic growing mix (soil)

There are many ways to reuse and recycle your growing mix. You can reuse the used growing mix to grow even more microgreens, the details outlined in the composting guide under tab 'Articles & Recipes'. Aside from that, you can use the versatile mixture of seed remnants, roots, and growing mix in all kinds of horticultural ways. Use it to fill a raised bed, as a mulch around a tree, to pot on or re-pot a potted plant or houseplant. You can chuck it in your compost bin, or collect the spent soil discs in a bucket or bag and donate the precious brown stuff to someone with a garden or allotment, who can use them to build soil fertility. Put them into a pot or larger container and plant some veg seeds in there, there are plenty of possibilities, remember the growing mix and the seeds are both organic, so if you can't find a use for the used soil discs and donate them the recipient can be reassured knowing they're getting the very best stuff! 



Whilst you may well be using your trays to grow your own microgreens for years and years, there may be a time when you no longer want to or for some reason can't. If/when that time comes, you can use them for a host of things, firstly someone else you know could use them to grow their own microgreens... Or if you have a garden, or know somebody who does, they may be able to use them as saucers for larger pots. As well as that, we've known people using them for lots of different things, from storing jewellery in them to having a few tealights lit in them! If you end up using them in any interesting way, send us a pic on social media, we love to see your creativity!


As with the trays, you may be using your tin for years, and may be able to donate it to someone who can use it for measuring out their growing mix as you did. And again like the trays they can be used to do many things with. If they don't have a use and have come to the end of their functional life, they can be recycled extremely easily by putting them in your standard household tin recycling bin.


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