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Why grow them?

For your physical health.

Numerous studies have found microgreens to be a really nutritious food, even more so than normal veg. We also believe in the idea, true for adults as well as children, that if you grow your own greens you're more likely to eat them.

Microgreens in a bowl with chickpeas wooden background
Macrame hanger vertical growing edible greens

For your mental health.

As well as the scientific papers proving of the benefits of being around nature and greenery. There are thousands of gardeners and allotmenteers in the UK who will vouch for the healing benefits of tending to plants and how cultivating your windowsill garden can contribute to a healthy mind.

honeybee flying in wildflower

For the planet.

All our materials are extremely sustainably sourced they're recycled, organic, plastic free and handmade. Growing your own microgreens, especially year-round when foods are flown and shipped across the world, represents a huge saving in CO2 and water. By using our clean, organic method there's less environmental degradation due to bad practices, zero food miles, and fresher produce.

It's cheaper.

A big part of why we do what we do is because aside from them being really nutritious, it's much cheaper to grow your own organic supercharged mini greens than to buy the equivalent in the shop. At a fraction of the cost, this is a way of accessing better food for less.

Terracotta trays wooden table microgreens
microgreens growing on white background

It's really do-able.

We've made it really easy to grow them, it's all in the guide. They take five minutes to plant and you only need a little water and light. All you have to do is take the first step and order a MicroKit, MicroKidsKit or subscription, the rest is easy. 

It's a way in.

Growing your own food can seem complicated, so growing your own with us can be a way into growing more food for you and your family/friends. Even if you don't end up growing more microgreens than your first kit, you can use it as a stepping stone into growing more of your own food. Understanding seed germination, life cycles of plants and the joy and pride in growing and cooking your own food, all from your windowsill.

IMG_20200912_154212 (1) (1).jpg
PXL_20210928_174043208 (1).jpg

They're delicious.

With the best will in the world, unless they taste nice, and you enjoy eating them, then whats the point? You're going to want to grow microgreens because they taste great. They are always fresh and brighten up almost any meal, and are flavourful, varied and extremely moorish. But don't take our word for it...

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