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Responsible sourcing

Factory settings

Renewable, transport emissions offset

Our potting shed, where we make the products runs on renewable energy. As well as that, we offset all of the carbon emitted in the transport of our goods by funding the creation of an orchard in the UK.

Postage and packaging


Our postal boxes, stickers, packing tape, seed packets, soil bags, and paper tray covers are made from paper or cardboard consisting of 75% - 100% recycled materials (the small proportion left is from sustainably sourced woodlands) All our paper products are recyclable (this includes our stickers). 


We use third party couriers to deliver the growing materials to you & we fully offset the carbon emissions of the journey. 

Organic Seed


Our seed varieties are certified Organic and grown as local as possible. They are chosen for their suitability for their use as microgreens which includes flavour profile, germination rate and speediness of growing. 

Planting tray

Clay Saucer

Our Clay planting trays are made by a family run business chosen for their sustainability. Sometimes the most simple solutions are the best. We have trialed many different options from faux-sustainable bamboo (and resin) trays to sustainable yet unaesthetic recycled aluminium trays, and these clay saucers have the best sustainability credentials, as well as being the most beautiful. They can be reused and re-purposed for years and years, and don't contain any secret ingredients that can leach into the environment, meaning they can have a long functional life, and an earth-friendly end.


Complete Grow Guide

Step by step guide on how to grow your microgreens printed on 100% recycled paper

The Grow Guide guides you through our simple process and equips you with the ability to keep on growing and growing. The guide requires no prior knowledge or skills and tells you how and what to do when (not that there is that much to do!). Stress free easy growing so you can enjoy the process, and a good harvest. It also contains recipe ideas, as well as information on how to keep on growing!    

Organic Growing Mix (soil) 

Organic coir, Organic vegan nutrients, Organic compost (made from household green-waste)

Our Organic Growing Mix is made almost entirely from waste products. The Soil Association certified Organic coconut coir is a natural waste product from the coconut industry; making it a sustainable source. We mix it with certified Organic compost made from local household green-waste, and add vegetable based Organic and vegan nutrients. The result is a great growing medium as it offers an affordable way to grow organically; holding moisture well whilst providing sufficient aeration and nutrition. 

The coconut coir has to be sourced outside of the UK. To feel justified in doing this, it's shipped compacted and dried, and it's carbon emissions of its journey to us, as well as to you are offset. It also arrives with you dehydrated in order to make transit more efficient.

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