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A bit about us

Meet Tom, our head grower.

Getting People Growing started as a way of me growing food whilst living on a canal boat in Wiltshire. I've always got my hands in the soil growing things. From designing and installing edible dementia gardens in Care Homes, edible 'healing' gardens in Hospitals, studying for a Bsc in Environmental Science, to designing, creating and refining grow your own microgreen kits and refills... I'm happy when I'm planting things or sending out post so you are too. Rest assured that if you're growing with us you'll have all of that passion and experience packed into every kit, and you've also got me on the other end of the line, anytime. Thanks for reading a bit about my and now, our, story :)


(Tom moving his plants from his allotment to his new home in the big city)

PXL_20210530_222103948 (1) (1).jpg

We care about the every part of our kits.

Starting with the sustainability; everything apart from the clay trays and organic seed is made from recycled materials and there's no plastic. Much more info on our sourcing here. 

And culminating in the user experience; We've been through 10+ Grow Guides already, and many different iterations of each part of each product. We obsess over every detail and part of the process so you can have the best growing experience possible. We hope that it shows :)

We've gone micro, now we're going big.

Microgreens offer an amazingly convenient and accessible way for a massive amount of people to grow some of their own food all year round. We could all be growing more of our own fresh, organic food from the comfort of our own homes - and that's something we're really passionate about. 


We've got a lot of experience growing different types of other veg, including traditional annuals, as well as unusual yet delicious and easy-to-grow perennials, and we want to help spread that passion as well.

We're still growing our microgreen offering, which involves continuing to improve our kits and refills, as well as creating more complimentary products such as hangers, stands and more... But we are also excited to be partnering with Your Veg Patch, who will offer something similar to GPG but for a whole super productive veg patch! They will install it, provide you with everything you need to grow it using the most innovative and productive techniques and support you all the way with their 365 WhatsApp support. They, like us, are doing what we love and set out to do, which is Getting People Growing!

IMG_20200912_154902 (1).jpg

(Edible healing garden designed, installed and donated by us in North Hants Hospital) 

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