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We want you to stock our products...

Thank you to our existing customers. Hello to our new ones!

Since launching, we've primarily been an online, direct to customer operation and we've grown an amazing group of home growers who get their products from us!


Working on our own is great, but part of our aim for the next 12 months is to grow the number of retailers stocking our products in their shops, in both online and offline spaces.

Throughout 2022 we've had our MicroKits introduced into all sorts of locations across the country including refill shops, garden centres, interior design shops, general stores, gift shops and online stores. All of whom are giving their customers something unique, new, independent, sustainable and FUN!

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We care about every part of our kits. So you don't have to.

Starting with the sustainability; everything apart from the clay trays and organic seed is made from recycled materials and there's no plastic. Much more info on our sourcing here. 

Beautiful aesthetics; clay saucers, brown kraft and smart, minimalist branding. The aesthetics around our kits are on trend and intriguing. The thoughtfully packed boxes are nice to look at open and closed alike.

And culminating in the user experience; We've been through 10+ Grow Guides already, and many different iterations of each part of each product. We obsess over every detail and part of the process so your customers can have the best growing experience available.

Let's talk!

So if you're interested in stocking our products, we want to hear from you. Get in touch for our price list, or with any questions we're happy to answer.


We can move pretty fast when it comes to dispatching orders and handling queries. So get in touch, and we look forward to hearing from you :) 

Email us on: and hear back within 24hrs.

Or fill out the contact form below...

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