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Our award-winning microgreen growing kit provides everything you need to grow 10 large beautiful terracotta trays of organic, super nutritious and delicious microgreens.


Ready in just 7 days. With no experience required. All you need is a window (doesn't need to be a sunny one!) to grow your own organic greens all year round!


Inside your MicroKit is:


- 2 Large Beautiful Terracotta Planting Trays (20cm)

- 10 grows Organic seeds (3 Nutritional Mix, 3 Broccoli & 4 RadMix)

- 10 grows Organic Growing Mix (made from recycled materials)

- 1 Easy to Follow Grow Guide (recycled paper)

- 3 Individual Seed Guides (recycled paper)

- 1 Measuring Scoop (recycled)

- 2 Seed Covers (recycled)


Microgreens are really nutritious and are great for your health and the environment alike. Add them to curries or pasta, have them in sandwiches, or simply replace regular veg with them. They're easy to incorporate into any meal and a sustainable and cheap way to grow organic greens from the comfort of your own home.


As a one-off green gift or the start of a household staple - give it a try today! Join the thousands of organic windowsill veg gardeners we've helped get growing by getting started with a MicroKit... and continue to grow (and grow, and grow!) using our Refill Kits of soil and seeds.


*The seed varieties may vary, but don't worry there will always be 10 grows of especially chosen Organic seed.

  • Our seed varieties are non-GMO, certified Organic and grown as local as possible.


    Our special house compost blend is a mix between Soil Association certified coconut-waste, and Soil Association Certified compost made from local household green-waste. 


    Our terracotta trays are made by a family run business chosen for their sustainability. They are made from clay, a natural material, and can be used to grow food and bring joy for years.


    All the paper and cardboard (and metal measuring scoop) we use is made from recycled materials.


    We will offset the transport emissions by planting trees here in the UK.


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