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Tiered tray hanger

Tiered tray hanger

Tiered tray hanger

100% recycled cotton, handmade


Hand-made from 100% recycled cotton, our hangers make great gifts in addition to a MicroKit or some of our growing trays, and look unique and beautiful in any room!


Our hangers make vertical growing stylish and easy, freeing up space on your windowsill and even allowing you to grow organic greens indoors without one! Simply hang them by a window, or anywhere in a light room.


Available in two different sizes: three tiered, great for subscriptions and two tiered: perfect for MicroKits. Two different colour options, pink and yellow, are also available for the detail at the top of the hanger.



T2 = 58cm

T3 = 83cm
(Top loop and coloured detail approx 8cm. Space between trays approx 25cm) 


Planting Trays sold separately in our shop.


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