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Refill Kit

Refill Kit

Organic Growing Mix ( coir/compost) organic, vegan

Organic seeds organic


Choose which seeds you would like in your kit, if you love Pea for example, you can have 100% Radish, or mix and match, choosing your favourite microgreens!


Refill Kits are great if you have already bought a MicroKit, or if you already have some experience and something to grow in. They consist of more Organic Growing Mix and Organic Seeds.


They come in different options of seed varieties and different sizes.

A 'grow' is enough Growing Mix and seeds to fill and grow one tray of microgreens (d20cm). For example, '6 grows' consists of enough seeds and growing media to fill and sow 6 trays of microgreens.


*1 grow is calculated at 1/2 a trays worth of Organic Growing Mix because you can grow one batch on one side and then flip the contents and grow 1 batch on the other side. So you can get twice the amount of grows per soil mix. So 6 trays worth of seeds = 3 trays worth of growing mix.


Recyclable ✔️  Compostable ✔️ 

  • Our seed varieties are non GMO, certified Organic and grown as local as possible, they are chosen for their suitability for their use as microgreens which includes flavour profile, germination rate and speed of growing. 


    The growing medium we provide is a fine particle growing mix made almost entirely from waste products. The Soil Association certified Organic coconut coir is a natural waste product from the coconut industry, which we mix with certified Organic compost made from local household green-waste, and add vegetable based Organic and vegan nutrients. The result is a brilliant growing medium, that offers an affordable way to grow organically; holding moisture well whilst providing sufficient nutrition and aeration which gives great protection against mold. It arrives dehydrated in order to make transit more efficient reducing the price and the emissions. Simply add water.

    All weights are approximate.

  • Our postal boxes, packing tape, seed packets, soil bags, and paper tray covers are made from paper/cardboard sourced from as local as possible & made out of 75% - 100% recycled materials. All our paper products are recyclable.

    We use third party couriers to deliver the growing materials to you & we will fully offset the carbon emissions of the journey. 


    Timings and price available to view at checkout.


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