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Organic Radmix

Radish, Diakon

Radish, China Rose

Radish, Vulcano



This mix of Radishes gives spice and drama. The mixture of the radishes seems to cool milden their heat, whilst they still are spicy, it's a more complex and passive warmth than any of them idividually. The drama comes from the pre-mixed lucious greens and varied heights of the different varieties speckled with the dark of the Vulcano throughout it. A spicy (but not too spicy) and pretty salad mix.


Recyclable ✔️  Compostable ✔️ 


Our seed varieties are non GMO, certified Organic and grown as local as possible. They are chosen for their suitability for their use as microgreens which includes flavour profile, germination rate and speediness of growing.


They come dried in individual packets, with information on how thickly to sow them, time frames, and how to care for them.


if you require a larger amount than listed, get in touch via the 'Contact Us' tab and we can arrange a larger order. 


Weights are approximate.

  • Our postal boxes, packing tape, seed packets, soil bags, and paper tray covers are made from paper/cardboard sourced from as local as possible & made out of 75% - 100% recycled materials. All our paper products are recyclable.

    We use third party couriers to deliver the growing materials to you & we will fully offset the carbon emissions of the journey. 


    Timings and price available to view at checkout.


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