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Our MicroKidsKit makes growing food fun for kids! Ready to eat in as little as 7 days, keeping young minds interested. Our easy to follow Grow Guide takes children on the growing journey from sowing their seeds to recipe ideas, with learning opportunities explaining some of the science behind the process along the way.


Contains everything needed to grow 15 trays of organic, super nutritious microgreens. All you need is a window (it doesn't even have to be a sunny one). Inside your MicroKidsKit is:


- 15 grows Organic Seeds: 4 Radmix, 4 Brassica Blend and 7 Nutritional Mix (broccoli, radish, kohlrabi)

- 15 grows Organic Compost (made from recycled materials)

- 3 Clay Planting Trays (15cm)

- 1 Kids Grow Guide

- 1 Tin Measuring Scoop (recycled) 

- 3 Paper Seed Covers (100% recycled)


The MicroKidsKit is engaging for children of all ages, we know every child is different, but we recommend that ages 2 - 7yrs have a helping hand, and 7+yrs should be good to go by themselves! 


Microgreens are supernutritious and provide a sustainable and cheap way to access organic greens from the comfort of your own home. Stir them into a curry, swap them for frozen peas next to chips or knock up a salad. Growing them in your home means fewer food miles and our clean organic method means less polution.


Recyclable ✔️  Compostable ✔️ 


*The seed varieties may vary, but don't worry there will always be 15 grows of especially chosen Organic seed.

  • Our seed varieties are non-GMO, certified Organic and are chosen for their flavour profile, germination rate and speediness of growing. ​


    The growing medium we provide is a mix between Soil Association certified Coir, which is a waste product from the coconut industry, and Soil Association Certified organic waste collected and processed from households in the UK. The result is a brilliant growing medium, that holds moisture whilst providing sufficient nutrition and aeration. Just add water. 


    Our Clay Planting Trays are the most sustainable option as well as being the most beautiful. They can be reused and re-purposed for years, and don't contain any secret ingredients that can leach into the environment. They can have a long functional life, and an earth-friendly end.

  • Our postal boxes, packing tape, seed packets, soil bags, and paper tray covers are made from paper/cardboard sourced from as local as possible & made out of 75% - 100% recycled materials. All our paper products are recyclable.

    We use third party couriers to deliver the growing materials to you and from their origins to us. We will offset both of those associated carbon emissions by planting trees here in the UK. 


    Timings and price of delivery available to view at checkout.


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