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How do I grow them?

*Microgreens are the edible seedlings of plants including flowers or vegetables. Typically grown for 7-10 days until they are 6-12cm tall, they are highly nutritious and versatile as they can be added to most dishes you already cook. Eat them raw like salad or add them to curries, soups etc as the vegetable.*

Start growing by either Subscribing or ordering a MicroKit or a MicroKidsKit. We send you everything you need, clay planting trays, different seeds, soil and simple and comprehensive guides explaining our refined process we've developed to grow supercharged microgreens. Once your order arrives, it's as simple as this:  

day 1

seed sprinkle.png

Open your kit, plant your seeds, then put in a dark cupboard

how to grow them

day 3


Move trays to near a window & water them

day 7

full tray.png

Harvest your microgreens in as little as 7 days, eat & repeat! 

Grow one tray at a time, or use all trays included in your kit to grow different types of microgreens all at once, providing you with enough greens for days. Harvest them all, or take some and leave the rest growing on in the tray for tomorrow's meal, keeping them fresh for whenever suits you.
They're really forgiving and easy to grow, great for kids and adults alike. As a one off gift, or a serious way to get into growing your own. Either get a subscription or once you've grown and eaten your way through a MicroKit or MicroKidsKit, if you want to keep on growing, simply order refills of seeds or soil & seeds, and carry on growing. 

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