greens all year, grown by you at home, in a responsible way

Microgreens are the edible seedlings of plants including flowers or vegetables. Typically grown for 7-10 days until they are 6-12cm tall, they are highly nutritious and versatile as they can be added to most dishes you already cook. Eat them raw like salad or add them to curries, soups etc as the vegetable.

day 1

seed sprinkle.png

Open your kit, plant your seeds, then put in a dark cupboard

how to grow them

day 3


Move trays to near a window & water them

day 7

full tray.png

Harvest your microgreens in as little as 7 days, eat & repeat! 


You can grow these supercharged organic greens with us for a fraction of cost of regular greens & salad once you know how - it's easy. 


We've made it really easy to grow them, it's all in the guide. They take 5 mins to plant and you only need a little water & light. Once you start, you can use the skills and knowledge gained and grow different types of veg!


Growing your greens reduces your carbon footprint & saves on water & pollution -thanks to lower food miles and our clean, organic method.


We probably all need to eat more greens & growing them should help you do that. Lots of studies show that microgreens are often more nutritious than regular veg. 

Plus that feel good feeling that comes with growing your own food.