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10 Reasons Why

1. They are nutrient dense foods

Studies done on these super foods have shown them to generally contain considerably higher concentrations of vitamins than their mature plant counterparts such as pro-vitamin A, vitamin C & E. They can also provide a significantly higher intake of essential minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc & Iron. One study found them to range between having 4-40 times more nutrients gram for gram than their adult versions. As they are so tender & fresh they are generally eaten raw so there is little nutrient loss during cooking processes, making microgreens a very nutritious food that is very easy to incorporate into any dish.

2. Growing with us is an easy, cheap way to get greens

Growing microgreens using our quick and simple Grow Guide included in the MicroKit is easy. You don't need any special kit or prior knowledge of gardening or growing - we take care of that. After you have learnt using the Grow Guide you can simply buy refills of either packs of seeds or both seeds & soil, costing fromunder 20p for over 100g of microgreens. This makes growing these greens with us an extremely cost-effective way to provide yourself or family with greens, let alone nutrient dense, fresh, organic microgreens.


3. It's a sustainable option 

The fact that microgreens are grown in your home means the food miles are considerably reduced. We can deliver one bag of seeds, once, that can provide all your greens for the year. Comparatively, the daily transportation of salads/veg accross the country and/or world is highly unsustainable. A study in the US showed growing broccoli microgreens uses 200-300 times less water than industrially produced mature broccoli. Our method requires only a small amount of water, no grow lights, petro-chemicals, unsustainable fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, pollytunnel heating or major transport... just a vaguely sunny spot. You don't drive your car to pick it up - you just walk to your windowsill!

4. Year round fresh greens that require barely any space

In the bleak midwinter, you can still grow these super foods abundantly, when fresh greens seem even more hard to come by. You dont need a balcony or garden or even a sunny windowsill, they can be grown indoors on a relatively shady windowsill all year round, making them accessible for many more people than conventional gardening, and less resource intensive.

5. It gets kids (& adults) involved in healthy eating

As Ron Finley, a gardener from LA once said, 'If kids grow kale, kids eat kale'. Having children and adults alike grow their own greens means they can anticipate and appreciate the harvest and therefore are more likely to eat more greens. Check out our MicroKidsKit.

6. Mental & physical health benefits

A famous study showed that patients that had a view of a tree recovered faster and better from surgery than those who did not, so just being around these greens whilst they're growing might make you feel better. In an age of instant success and distractions the primal satisfaction of planting, harvesting and then eating your own food is a truely nourishing one but one rarely felt. Growing microgreens offers a way to engage with that part of us whilst not having to compromise with committing too much time and effort, plus you get very cheap, otherwise expensive salad out of it! 

7. Sustainable practices

The components of our kits and refill kits have all been individually chosen based on their environmental and functional merit. This means that our packs are a sustainable way to grow, no plastic, only recycled/biodegradable/recyclable materials used where products have come from far away, we've offset the carbon of their journey, we even offset the carbon of their delivery to your door. 

8. Indoor beauty 

Having some green indoors can not only be good for your health but can make indoor spaces more beautiful and nicer places to be. The bright red stems of sunkissed buckwheat, or the luscious green of a bursting tray of radish - what a lovely site!

9. Taste

Microgreens are grown commercially often for their taste and appearance and command a high price. The different varieties vary in taste however most/all have a fresh and delicate flavour, some can be cooked but generally are eaten raw and can be added to pretty much anything. They are much less 'bitter-green' tasting than many vegetables and salads making them great for people who enjoy a delicate culinary experience or others who don't really like regular veg but want the nutrition! They are versatile and easy to incorporate into any dish!

10. We make it easy providing everything you need

One of the big blockers to people accessing the cheap, fresh, nutritious and delicious food that is possible by growing microgreens is the skills and knowledge gap. We make it as easy and as simple as possible for you to simply click and start, making it more likely that you can actually get growing tomorrow and take food production back into your home and into your hands.

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